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Architectural Visulization
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Game Design
Architectural Visulization   |   Film Animation   |   Game Design
  • Architectural Representation
  • Scenario style teaching, the Crystal skill studying, being an “employee” of Crystal, have a glance in the professional company management mode, train the students to meet the criterion of the company. Graduate with Crystal vocational train certificate. Duration: 36 weeks Software: Photoshop、AutoCAD、3ds max、AE、Combustion、Premiere、Max common plug-ins etc.
  • Film Animation
  • Actual teaching bring you the real experience of project;To participate in the production of confidential in the company;To use graduated project to reflect your own values;To Teach within a variety of real projects at home and abroad Duration: 32 weeks Software:Maya、Photoshop、Zbrush 、After Effects、Premiere
  • Game Design
  • By years of project and education experience, our creative education enables you reinforce the understanding of game process. Students find a challenge position in CG field, such as Concept Designer, Scene Designer, Character Designer, Animation Designer, Level Designer and so on. Duration: 32 weeks Software: 3ds Max、Maya 、Photoshop 、Zbrush、Bodypaint 、Particle Illusion
  • Peng Qian
  • Peng Qian

    Film Animation

    “After you finally find out what you truly want to do, be adventurous, just do it.”

  • Ji Ping
  • Ji Ping

    Movie Animation

    Anyone shall found his/her advantages first, and then the fitting technique modules will arise.

  • Yang Wei
  • Yang Wei

    Film Animation

    "The responsibility of an animator is to bring audience the mood change they can hardly sense in a conventional movie or TV. "

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  • Crystal CG Ltd is playing world leadership role in digital visualization technology and services, and has accumulated a wealth of valuable experience. Crystal Singapore Institute is a unit of CrystalCG Corp. and provides various sorts of high-quality services, including vocational education, academic education, and books publishing. Our motto is to pass on the practical experience and to build your personal value.
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